Introducing Our New Writers!

This month we are losing two of our writers and welcoming two more. Grace Cho is now the Editorial Manager for (in)courage and Katelyn Durst is pursuing new vistas in Seattle. We will miss these two gifted writers but hope to see them on our pages again sometime!!

A bunch of The Mudroom contributors attended the Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids last month. I approached a small group of friends in the middle of the exhibition room and we talked about poverty and our childhoods and even broached the idea of writing a book of essays together!

Heather Walker Peterson was in our group and we got to talking for a minute when she told me she had lost her writing home. I was all nonchalant when I said, “Sooooo, are you in the market for a new writing home?” She wrote an amazing post for our Advent theme titled “Joseph During a Season of Sex Scandals: Self-Control Is More Than Avoidance.” 

“In the wake of disclosures of sexual misconduct by Hollywood stars, conservative Christians are finger pointing at the fallout of the sexual revolution. But are we admitting that we haven’t done a good job challenging the sexual revolution ourselves?

Rather than the principle of giving into desire in our hypersexualized culture—which often equates sexual attraction to love—we’ve tended toward one loud response: avoid potential objects of desire.”


Heather Walker Peterson


Heather Walker Peterson: Mother. Teacher. Chair of Department of English & Literature at University of Northwestern-St. Paul. Contributor to Humane Pursuits‘ Pray Channel and InterVarsity’s The Well. Intrigued by the shaping power of words. Writing a book on ancient spiritual practices for family life. Ph.D. English. M.A. Linguistics.


Chelle Wilson

We needed another writer so I went to Kate Motaung’s Christian Women of Color: Speaker & Writer Directory she put together after FFW and found Chelle Wilson. The featured post on her blog at that time was My Censored Prayers. As soon as I read it I know she would fit in just right:

“The moment I embraced CENSORED prayer was the moment I was trusted myself to be real with God. That since He fostered my brokenness, waited patiently through all my failed attempts at total surrender, He could handle the honesty that both horrified and terrified me. If He was truly Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Everlasting, I was only wasting my own time. Furthermore, since He knew my thoughts, He already knew I knew all the bad words.

The Body of Christ is Broken, and I do not mean like bread. We’ve failed. We’ve fallen more in love with being set apart than being in love with the Gospel. We’re called to live and love, to minister through our own brokenness, not to disavow it, preferring to judge others out of a false sense of perfection that carries us away from the world instead of drawing us more deeply and desperately into it. The world needs our help. And we need Jesus.”

Please welcome these writers and look for their posts coming up!

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  1. Welcome Heather and Chelle! I’m looking forward to getting to know you more through your words. What a great place to be.

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