Podcast: Through Thorns of Belonging

The walk on the narrow path towards belonging means scraping past a million thorny thickets.

Writer and poet Prasanta Verma feels your pain. She meets us in The Mudroom after navigating the twists, turns, and pinpricks of belonging in ways few of us can imagine. Join us, today, for a way forward on the path to belonging.  

Prasanta’s most recent Mudroom piece: “Of Thorns and Skin” http://mudroomblog.com/of-thorns-and-skin/

Prasanta’s Website: www.prasantaverma.com/

Links to Prasanta on the Socials:

Twitter: @VermaPrasanta

Instagram: @prasantaverma

Facebook:  Prasanta Verma, Writer


Mudroom Podcast Theme Song: “More Than I Am” by Christa Wells: http://www.christawellsmusic.com/

Background music for the narration of Prasanta’s piece: “Soft Ambient by Alex MakeMusic on Pixabay

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