Announcing our Fall Themes!!

We need your voices! This September, The Mudroom is launching a four-month series titled “Lost & Found: Stories of Belonging in a Bruised and Broken Body.”

We desire to amplify the stories of those who’ve ever felt unseen, untethered, or set adrift from the Church—and those who have found or are finding, their way back. Wherever you find yourself in this narrative, we welcome your words!

In holding to the Body metaphor, September’s focus is “Head”: Mental illness, deconstruction, neurodivergence, navigating theological differences, and chronic migraines are just a few examples of relevant topics.

Likewise, in October we’ll focus on “Heart,” November—”Hands,” and December— “Flesh.”

For submission guidelines, click here.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

Check out the video on our themes below and please share!!

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