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We have finalized our themes for 2022-2023. We are so excited about the possibilities these words represent, and can’t wait to see how you make them your own. We are including the guidelines here. Please pay special attention to image size and header photo. It saves us so much time.

Text Version:


January: Rest

February: Fill

March: Healing

April: Living Grief

May: Generations

Fall Series: Lost & Found: Stories of Belonging in a Bruised and Broken Body

September: Head

October: Heart

November: Hands

December: Flesh


(All posts should be sent by the 15th of the preceding month.)

For January: Dec. 31

For February: Jan. 15

For March: Feb. 15

For April: March 15

For May: April 15

For June: May 15

For July: June 15

For August: July 15

For September: Aug. 15

For October: Sep. 15

For November: Oct. 15

For December: Nov. 15


We’re making space for you in The Mudroom. Your experience matters. Your story means something. Maybe it’s time for you to share.

What we are looking for: 

Day-in-the-life posts about what life is like for you. What is bringing you joy? What is weighing you down? What has been on your heart to share for the longest time? What do you have to say that might bring someone else a little closer to healing? Tell us about the experience you had that left you changed forever, for good or not. If you could have thirty minutes alone with a friend in your mudroom, what is it you most want to say?

Submission Guidelines:

  • We do not accept queries, please send completed pieces.
  • 800 words (approx)
  • Posts are due the month before publication. You are welcome to inquire about the deadline, some months we are able to take late submissions.
  • Give us your best writing but, that being said, it will also go to an editor who will check for typos and meaning, there will be some editing involved in the process. We will show you the finished piece for approval.
  • All work should be original, never having been published before—even on your own website or blog. We need all content to be fresh and will ask for exclusive rights. Treat it as if you were doing a column in a newspaper.
  • This is not a place to be political, preachy, or polarizing. Think “slice of life” not “in your face.”
  • Get permission if writing about a friend or family member as an example, or use language where you do not name that person specifically; we do not want to embarrass anyone.
  • Turn around time: Please give us 2 weeks to respond to your submission. We will let you know when we have received your submission.

  • If you have been published in The Mudroom, please wait 3 months before you submit again.

*DISCLAIMER: Submission does not guarantee publishing. We may not be able to use your piece for a variety of reasons. ProBlogDesign editors have worded it nicely: “Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes.”

Publishing Rights

  • If you have a blog, we appreciate it if you share an excerpt from your post on the day of publication with a link to the blog, but please don’t publish the full story on your own blog.
  • All rights remain with the author of the post, but we ask you to wait at least 12 months before reposting the piece on a different site.      

Header, Byline, and Bio Photos:

  • Send us a photo of you for your bio, please make sure images are smaller than 1000 x 1000. Here is a link for an easy-to-use website to resize images: PicResize
  • Please try to send a header photo for your post. If you can’t we will provide one for you. The header photo you provide needs to be something you own the copyright to, or is licensed by creative commons. There are helpful sites with free images like PixabayPlease make sure images are smaller than 1000 x 1000. Here is a link for an easy-to-use website to resize images: PicResize
  • Please let us know if you DO NOT want your name and/or photo included, we do accept anonymous posts.
  • We may resize, crop, enhance, and possibly add text to your original photo.
  • Please email photos in jpg format, we prefer landscape or square format. Vertical photos get cropped and the image looks strange.
  • Please include a short bio, 3-4 sentences, as serious or silly as you want to be. If you find this difficult, we may be able to write one for you.
  • You may also send us links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and they will show up in your bio box.

Please send submissions to mudroomblog (at) gmail.com. Double check and make sure the address is not just “mudroom.” That goes someplace else entirely! 

Here’s an encouraging post about writing by Billy Coffey: Writing Naked 

Got a theme idea? Fill out the form and send it to us!

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