Podcast: How Shattered Expectations Lead to Hope with Tatyana Claytor

Native Bermudian Tatyana Claytor is a writer, academic, and mother of four. A navigator of multiple cultures and life experiences, Tatyana meets us in The Mudroom today for a discussion on how expectations shape us and our perception of God. Lean in for her extraordinary story . . .


Tatyana’s Website: https://tatyanastable.com/

Links to Tatyana on the Socials:

Twitter: @TatyanasTable

Instagram:  @tclaytor25


Mudroom Podcast Theme Song: “More Than I Am” by Christa Wells: http://www.christawellsmusic.com/

C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (New York: Harper Collins, 1994)

“I’m Not A Cat” meme: 

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