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Hello, I’m Prasanta. I’m a writer, poet, artist, photographer, and mom of three fabulous kids. I write about culture, identity, race, and belonging. Most days, you can find me reading or writing, with a cup of chai in hand. When it’s warm and everything is blooming outdoors, you may find me out on a walk with a camera in hand.

I often felt like I was straddling between two cultures, seeking belonging and acceptance. 

I was born under an Asian sun, raised in the Appalachian foothills surrounded by emerald hills, and currently live in the Midwest, staying warm indoors while snow piles up outside. I generally consider the south “home,” as it is where I spent most of my formative years, and where I feel most connected to the land, but the answer is truly complex and layered.

I no longer have my southern accent, but make no mistake, it comes right back when I talk to someone from the south. Ever hear an Indian girl with a southern accent? Come on over to my front porch. I’ll make you chai or coffee (I like that, too), and we’ll talk about all the things. More than anything, I like to move out of small talk and get real and honest, and dive into talking about what truly matters.

I write about culture, identity, belonging, race, and what it feels like to be an outsider. I didn’t read a book by an Indian American or anyone like me until I was grown, and didn’t have a friend like me, who was born in India but had grown up in the U.S., until I was an adult. I often felt like I was straddling between two cultures, seeking belonging and acceptance.

All of these make me passionate about writing about those who live on the margins or are searching for belonging, just like me.

I occasionally write about parenting, food allergies, and the intersection between science and spirituality, too. I call myself a life-long learner because there is so much to know in this amazing, broken, and beautiful world, so much I don’t know, and am eager to learn. I wrote my first poem when I was in first grade, and never stopped writing. You may find some poems sprinkled now and then on these pages here.

I care about people, about you, about the issues of our day, and speaking up about them. If I say you are my friend, then I am your friend, and will stand by you. I look forward to walking alongside you through these pages and sharing some of this journey with you here at The Mudroom.

Click here for a piece I wrote for The Mudroom a few years ago, called “See, Say, Spell, Repeat.”

You can also connect with me on my website, Twitter, or Instagram.

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