Mudroom News #1

We have been busy behind the scenes working on making The Mudroom a more inspiring, engaging, and inviting place for our contributors, guest posters, support staff, and readers. We have a few announcements to share with you, and we will be dividing them up this month.

First, we’d like to introduce you to our Support Staff. These women have been faithful readers, commenters, sharers, and a powerful prayer team for the blog. We know we can call on these women to assist us with whatever comes up and needs attending. They are here to pray for you, too! Welcome them to our team, check out their blogs, and get to know them. Stay tuned for the other news we can’t wait to share with you!

Our Support Staff:

Nicole Walters

Nicole T. Walters

Nicole spends most of her time with her husband and 2 little wild ones in the South Metro Atlanta area and is blessed in this season of life to work in the administrative and communications side of the local church. She is passionate about Jesus and His heart for the nations. She loves to experience the messy, noisy, beautiful world and cultures not her own. Nicole writes about faith and being on mission with God wherever He has placed you. Nicole writes at A Voice in the Noise.

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright makes her home in upstate South Carolina. She is a seeker of truth who looks for beauty in ordinary things. A self-taught poet, photographer, and artist, she loves to capture what she finds using her talents to encourage others and glorify God. Gayl writes at Thoughts and Art From My Heart.

Terri Jackson

Terri Jackson is a writer, wife, and mother of two sons. Her oldest son, Justin, was killed in a vehicle accident September 27, 2010. Terri and her husband, Doug, have been married for over thirty years, her blog tells the story of their struggles, tears, and the joy and humor of learning to live again after the unthinkable happens. She has been published in We Need Not Walk Alone, the national magazine for The Compassionate Friends organization. Terri has discovered a love for being a canine foster parent for rescued Shepherds, home brewing beer and mead, and hosting book studies in their home as she explores her new “normal.” You can read her writing on At the Back of the North Wind.

Lindsey Smallwood

Lindsey is good at relationships and bad at dancing. A former pastor and teacher, these days she works, writes and raises her babies in Boulder, Colorado.   Read more by Lindsey at her blog Songbird and a Nerd.



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12 thoughts on “Mudroom News #1

  1. I am so blessed by how these women have thrown in in their lot with ours and have been present and available to us. They deserve to be acknowledged. I am grateful for their gifts, their service, and their lovely selves.

  2. Lindsey, Gayl, Nicole, Terri! You guys are awesome–thank you for stepping up and being part of this experiment. So excited to be in fellowship with you 🙂

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