Holding on to the Baton of a King


Today many of us will choose to honor the dream and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, while others wait in disgust for America to make due on its overdrawn check, written in the name of “liberty and justice for all.”

What will you decide to do with this day and this dream of King’s?

I find myself somewhere in the middle of hope and hell no, here we go again!

Seems like America is still in school and history is our teacher.

There is more to learn about severing systematic tentacles of racism and white privilege that sliver in taking root of minds, churches, and institutions.

In the same way, there is more to learn from the impartation of a generation who put motion to their devotion for equality and freedom.

I don’t get to sulk in my righteous apathy when my 95 year-old-grandmother tells me with joy and pride, You all are all my dreams.

The sparkle in her aging eyes holds the peace and confidence of one who has successfully passed on the baton of her best in life.

She makes me think about the best I’m trying to pass along.

My passion for God and his best for me . . .

My love for family, togetherness, and home . . .

My commitment to justice and service . . .

My grandmother has run her course and now it is time for me to run mine—even when it’s ugly and I don’t see the progress. Even when Black bodies fall and I am afraid to let my son and daughters walk alone through the streets of our white neighborhood.

I must still carry the baton of the dream—the dream beyond the status quo. I must take my run at making this world a better place in my lifetime, in my family, in my neighborhood, in my “right now.” My dream may not look like yours—but you too have a baton to carry and pass on.

Dr. King in his brokenness and brilliance ran the course of his call.

He was not a perfect man, but he consistently chose faith over fear—time and time again.

I want that kinda courage.

I want that kinda conviction.

Looks like the only way we can grab ahold of that kinda legacy is to keep ahold of our baton.

Let’s listen again and remember the dream.

Dr. Martin Luther King: “I Have A Dream

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