The Breakthrough to Community

Painting by Dave Coleman

Painting by Dave Coleman

Every Friday needs a story about hope. Stories of God coming into the mess and finding us there when we had all but given up. Stories of radical redemption. Stories of finding home.
Today we invite you to check out the podcast Spark My Muse by Lisa Colon Delay. Join us for Episode 44 where she speaks with The Mudroom’s very own Editor and Founder, Tammy Perlmutter, about hope, community, downward mobility, and even how The Mudroom began.
“In confession the break-through to community takes place.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community
Jesus People USA is a self-sustaining, *tentmaking community located in inner-city Chicago. They support their home, church, and ministries through both creative and practical businesses they have created.
*Tentmaking: refers to the activities of any Christian who, while dedicating him or herself to the ministry of the Gospel, receives little or no pay for Church work, but performs other jobs to provide support. The term comes from the fact that the apostle Paul supported himself by making tents while living and preaching in Corinth (Acts 18:3).
Jesus People USA: A church and an intentional community, living together, creating a place to discover who you are and to be challenged to live an authentic life in Christ. Come visit for a day, a week, a month, or more.

Wilson Abbey: Community. Faith. Art. Concert venue, theater, art gallery, conference center in Uptown, Chicago.

JPUSA Internships: 3-12 month internships in specific businesses and ministries.

Group Missions: Bring your small group, church, youth group, family!

The Rummage Room: A re-sale boutique whose proceeds go entirely towards Cornerstone Community Outreach.
Uptown Tent City: Providing protection, support, and material needs for homeless living under the viaducts in Uptown.

Zeppelin Design Labs: Avant-Garde Audio and Electronic Products.

Grrr Records:The home of Glenn Kaiser, GKB, The Crossing, Leper, Aracely, Exegesis, Resurrection Band (aka Rez), Anti-World System, and many others.
Everybody’s Coffee: Professionally-trained baristas devoted to making delicious, soul-warming, fresh brewed fair-trade coffee and urban artisan baked goods.

Nine3Nine Creative: A web and graphic design business doing top quality, cutting edge work.
Belly Acres Designs: High-quality screen printing.
Deeply Rooted: A Gathering. A one-day faith and creativity gathering in Chicago for women, taking place in May and November.





Social Justice



Social Justice





Photos by Tom Wray.


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