Ziyah Holman’s Anchor

Two weeks ago, University of Michigan student-athlete Ziyah Holman overcame an unheard of 21 second team deficit to win the 4X4000 (Simmons-Harvey Invitational).

Holman’s 51.79 second split came AFTER she set a meet/stadium record (and NCAA season lead) in in the 600 meters.1

She narrated her comeback-mindset to Theo Mackie of the Michigan Daily:

“‘Just go test them, honestly,’ Holman said. ‘Just go get them, see how far you can get. As the race keeps going, you see yourself getting closer.'”

“‘I’m actually getting closer. Why would I try so hard and not try to win?’”1

Watch Homan as she anchors, overtakes, and wins the 4X4000 relay:


1 Mackie, Theo. “SportsTuesday: For Ziyah Holman, stunning comeback brings moment in the spotlight.” Michigan Daily. January 19, 2021. url (accessed February 3, 2021).

*Her Voice, Her Story image created by Sakura for The Mudroom.

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