Ziyah Holman’s Anchor

Two weeks ago, University of Michigan student-athlete Ziyah Holman overcame an unheard of 21 second team deficit to win the 4X4000 (Simmons-Harvey Invitational).

Holman’s 51.79 second split came AFTER she set a meet/stadium record (and NCAA season lead) in in the 600 meters.1

She narrated her comeback-mindset to Theo Mackie of the Michigan Daily:

“‘Just go test them, honestly,’ Holman said. ‘Just go get them, see how far you can get. As the race keeps going, you see yourself getting closer.'”

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”‘I’m actually getting closer. Why would I try so hard and not try to win?’”1[/perfectpullquote]
Watch Homan as she anchors, overtakes, and wins the 4X4000 relay:


1 Mackie, Theo. “SportsTuesday: For Ziyah Holman, stunning comeback brings moment in the spotlight.” Michigan Daily. January 19, 2021. url (accessed February 3, 2021).

*Her Voice, Her Story image created by Sakura for The Mudroom.

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