A Prayer for Resilience in the Face of White Supremacy

I can feel the ground crying out

From all the blood that’s been shed

The earth is tired of absorbing

These bodies

These bones

These people who are living on our land

But have never found home


The wind catching their breath as they pray

The rain multiplying the tears

Creation is groaning and I am too

How Long, Oh Lord, must we endure?


Recolor my eyes Lord,

to see the White Supremacy

but be able to divide

My own identity from all the lies


Show me what it means to love

To love myself in the midst of such tension

To love my neighbor as myself

Remind me these Supremacists are human


Give me eyes to see what you are doing

Give me vision beyond the hate

I know you do your best work in darkness

it’s where you form and re-create


Exchange my own bitterness for boldness

My weariness for grace

Spirit, give me resilience to rise above the White Supremacy

Give me lament laced with strength


Originally Published on Medium by Ruthie

Ruthie Johnson

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