For the Well-Seekers

to those seeking,
working to belong,
hoping for a place of safety,
where the words don’t sting,
and you aren’t silenced,

to the misfits and the outcast and the ones who know
they don’t belong,
even if, 
they look like they do.

to the people who have outgrown their past,
feel suffocated in the present,
and can’t see the future.
there is a place,
where you won’t be silenced,
where you will be valued.

It is not futile to hope;
it is not a sign of weakness to wish
for something better.
you are strong for refusing to settle.
it is courageous to listen to your soul.

the pain is real.
we were made to belong.
there is a place for you,
where your words are wanted,
where your feelings are not too much,
where the loneliness can be abated.

a community,
is waiting for your gifts,
wishing they knew someone like you,
even if they don’t
know it yet.

people are waiting,
for you.
waiting to welcome you,
to want you,
to cheer you on,
to love you.

there is a place somewhere in this world for you,
where you can find a place of rest,
where other people will carry you,
and fight for you.

maybe it feels impossible.
it may take years to find the good amongst the bad.
there are a lot of broken people,
making broken places,
breaking people,
and calling it whole.

refuse to let them break you.

in learning to love your fragile places,
you learn what you need to belong.
in naming your pain, you see the remedy.
in finding your place of safety,
you will find yourself.

the search is worth the journey.

“What makes the desert beautiful,”
said the little prince,
“is that somewhere it hides a well…”

Caris Adel
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3 thoughts on “For the Well-Seekers

  1. Amen. I used to feel so alone, and it can be a hard habit to break. But I believe we CAN find belonging, too. It’s so important to hope for that.

  2. Beautiful just beautiful!! God doesn’t make junk!!

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