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More than half of us are going to Calvin this year for their legendary writing conference, The Festival of Faith and Writing. Tammy Perlmutter, Ashley Hales, Heather Caliri, Grace Sandra, Cara Meredith, Caris Adel, Nicole Walters, and Jessica Mesman Griffith will be there. Most of us will be meeting each other in person for the first time, and we will get to meet a bunch of our guest writers! PLEASE come find us and say hello and give us hugs. We will be live tweeting and Instagramming, so follow us at #mudroomFFW and be sure to add #FFWgr too!

Even better, two of our contributing writers will be participating in a workshop and a panel discussion! We are so proud of these women and cannot wait to cheer them on. Mark your calendars and go hear these women!

Grace Sandra will be a facilitator for the Saturday, 8:30 a.m. workshop: Writing Whole: Making Peace With the True You. She will be joined by Tracey Bianchi, Lesa Engelthaler, and Erin Lane.

“People of faith believe that God designed us to have a unique voice, passion, and purpose. How does the creative process honor God by uncovering the “true you”? And how does ego, doubt, compulsivity, and anxiety get in the way of continuing to write from this deep, soul-filled place? Guided by the wisdom of writers including Adele Calhoun, Parker Palmer, and Richard Rohr, this workshop explores these questions and includes a True You writing exercise.” DeVos Communication Center, Bytwerk Theater

Jessica Mesman Griffith will be on two panel discussions!

How Chronic Conditions Challenge and Enrich the Writing Life with Daniel Bowman, Jr. and Ellen Painter Dollar.

“Writers who live with a variety of chronic physical, mental, and neurobiological conditions talk about how their experiences of disability impart hard-earned insight around issues including health, technology, and thriving within our limits. This discussion is for all writers invested in compassion, humility, creativity, and the unique ways that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Covenant Fine Arts Center, Room 115, Friday, 8:30 a.m.


Memoir as Feminist Testimony with Amy Julia Becker, Alison Hodgson, Katherine Willis Pershey, and Rachel Marie Stone.

“Recent studies and news reports suggest we live in a world where women still struggle to be heard and believed about their own lives. Perhaps that’s why memoir, as a genre, is particularly resonant for women writers despite the very real danger of being branded narcissistic. In this panel, we’ll discuss how memoir functions differently than other forms of non-fiction, why women love memoir, and common pitfalls in memoir writing, including oversharing and modes of faux-confession.”

Covenant Fine Arts Center, Auditorium, Friday, 11:30 a.m.

soul bare

Tammy has an essay included in the new book Soul Bare: Stories of Redemption, coming out in August through Inter Varsity Press and will be recording a book trailer voice-over at the festival. The anthology is edited by Cara Sexton, an early investor in The Mudroom, with essays by Emily P. Freeman, Sarah Bessey, Trillia Newbell, Seth Haines, Holly Grantham and more, as well as Mudroom writer Tanya Marlow. Visit the IVP table to learn more! You can preorder it here.

Several of our writers will also be pitching books! 

Ashley Hales: This is My Body: A Journey Toward Wholeness

Heather Caliri: Phoenix Song: Hope and Healing in a House on Fire

Cara Meredith: Black and White and Blue All Over: A Letter to my Mixed-Race Sons.

We can’t wait to meet!

Quotes taken from The Festival of Faith and Writing Schedule.

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4 thoughts on “The Mudroom at The Festival of Faith and Writing

  1. It sounds like a wonderful conference! So many of my online friends will be there. It would be so fun to go, but I’ll have to wait for another year. Blessings to you, Tammy! I know you all will have a blast and learn some things, too! 🙂

  2. While overwhelmed, I’m looking forward to meeting up with so many amazing people!

  3. So looking forward to following the updates on the conference. Praying for clarity of guidance and vision for those attending.

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