Nicole T. Walters

Administrative Assistant

Nicole T. Walters is a writer who lives somewhere in the tension between wanderlust and rootedness. She currently makes her home in Georgia with her husband and two children but has lived in and left parts of her heart in the Middle East and South Asia.
She writes to help people create space to listen to God, learn from others, and lead lives that love at <a href=””></a>. She has authored essays in several books and her writing has appeared in places like CT Women, Fathom, Red Letter Christians, and (in)courage. She is a regular contributor at SheLoves Magazine and here at The Mudrooom and is a member of the Redbud Writers Guild.

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Ruthie Johnson

I'm a Florida girl in a Midwest world. My life has been full of the unexpected. I write about this unexpected journey, multiculturalism, and faith. I'm a firm believer that Jesus shows up most beautifully in the messy in-betweens of life.I write, read, cook and art.
Ruthie Johnson