Anita Scott

Poet in Residence

Poetry has always been a second language for Anita. She has performed at local slam poetry and spoken word events. Now, the door is opening for her poetry in small groups and on stages around the United States where she has already shared the same mic with Micah Bournes and Amena Brown Owen. She travels to Chicago yearly to perform at Deeply Rooted, a women’s worship event in November. Her poems “Mary Go Round” and “Tears for the Motherland” clearly express Anita’s heart for justice for gender reconciliation and racial reconciliation. People who have seen her perform all attest to the same thing: she is unforgettable. Anita is also part of Ambassadors Alliance International, a passionate team of people who go into impoverished areas to assess their needs and provide help in the form of food, medical supplies, clothing, education, and job-training that will lead to self-sustainable change.

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Ruthie Johnson

Ruthie Johnson

I'm a Florida girl in a Midwest world. My life has been full of the unexpected. I write about this unexpected journey, multiculturalism, and faith. I'm a firm believer that Jesus shows up most beautifully in the messy in-betweens of life.
Join me as I discovermore of what is means to be full of faith and to follow Jesus. I contribute monthly here and to Missio Alliance . I am an identity scholar and love reimagining multi-ethnicity and encouraging its work in the church. I write, read, cook and art.
Ruthie Johnson

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