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Recently I began the practice of handwriting verses in calligraphy.

Fingers grasped around a pen, slow movement forms each letter, each word, each phrase. This intentional placement on a vellum page brings me peace and focus.

Ink outlines the meaning of each line, causing me to ponder….why did the author choose this word? What meaning does God intend to make clear through this choice.

Each verse becomes a piece of art, one that reflects the living, active, truths of God himself.

Each verse becomes a reminder of the depth of God’s character and wisdom, truths that layer upon layer reflect Imago Dei, the image of God

The image of God is painted through his word.

Each stroke gives shape to the height and depth and breadth and width of his character and his love.

Jesus spoke words of life.
He is the living word.

When we take the time, the quiet practice, the simplicity of slowly examining his truths, letter by letter, word by word, verse by verse, he opens our eyes and opens our minds to see who he is. This simple act gives us time to contemplate the placement of His word in our own life.

The Practice of Handwriting

Handwriting has become a lost art.
It is not even taught in schools anymore. I treasure bits of paper, letter, signatures with my parents or grandparents handwriting on them.

Somehow, the slant of their letters, the curve of their script.
preserves a part of loved ones’ personality in their written words. Traces of their character remain in their manuscript.

The word hypogrammos in Greek means: a writing copy, including all the letters of the alphabet, given to beginners as an aid in learning to draw them. Learning to write is a process of tracing, repeating, imitating the form of the original example.

It is the same word used in I Peter 2:21 for being an example or model to others:
To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.
I Peter 2:21

When we trace Jesus’ words into our lives, its marks leave impressions for others to observe.

Holy Scribes

Written words hold the power of life.
Long ago the slow practice of writing made the word available to others.

Years ago I visited a church in Rocamadour, France.
We climbed up 200 stone steps to a 12th century church carved into the side of a hill. In one small knave above a chapel in the rock, monks would sit on wooden benches from morning until evening, transcribing the word of God by hand onto paper.



In this small chapel, dim and damp in a cave of rock,
portions of the Bible were read from the Latin Vulgate
and translated into French.
Each day these robed men took quill in hand
dipped the ink into the well
and wrote on plain parchment
the very words of God himself.


This simple daily practice
made God’s word available to the common people
preserving his truth, his lessons, his imago Dei
for us.

In simple daily practice
will we write God’s word on our hearts?
And from that practice, will His word and truth unfold
through our own words, and through our silences?


Hebrews 10:16“This is the covenant I will make with them after those days, declares the Lord. I will put My laws in their hearts and inscribe them on their minds.”

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  1. Just love this! I must print it out to read over and over again! You said what my heart feels when I read His Word!! Beauty from my beautiful friend Vina……, Cate

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