Mudroom News #4: Meet Rozella White

Introducing our newest monthly contributor, Rozella White!!

Rozella Haydée is my name. It comes from both my grandmothers, women of faith, who sacrificed greatly for their families. One was the great-granddaughter of slaves, who despite hardships remains steadfast, upbeat and gives LOVE. The other, an immigrant with roots in three countries, was an artist committed to lifelong education and cultural diversity.

I was granted my Master of Arts in Religion degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, and have helped found the Generational Care Consulting Group which provides organizational support and compassionate care to positively impact current and future generations. I am a writer and I blog about my experience with depression as a young black woman of faith and my journey to develop radical self-love at Embracing My Shadow. I am also a columnist at ShePreaches magazine, an online resource for young African-American women in ministry.

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