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Tatyana Claytor

I am primarily a lover of story and truth. As an English teacher, I am surrounded by the stories of the ages, but as a lover of God, I am enveloped in the Story beyond all ages. My desire is to know the Author of this story as clearly as possible that I might help others see God’s truth in their lives and His plan in their stories. I am always reading— either a science fiction by an awesome author like Kathy Tyers, a fantasy book by Brandon Sanderson, or sometimes a mystery by Agatha Christie. I’m the annoying person who always tries to figure out what is going to happen in a movie or story, but I am just as excited at being wrong as I am at being right! I like to piece things together and that is reflected in my life and in my writing. 
I have taught English and Literature in varied settings for about 20 years: in different countries such as China and Bolivia and in different venues such as college, private school, virtual school, and public school. Sharing my love of story has been a consuming passion of my life. 
I currently live in Cocoa, Florida with my three story-loving children and my husband, a minister. I have a Master’s degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University and a Master’s degree in Professional Writing from Liberty University. I am currently pursuing my doctorate in Texts and Technology from the University of Central Florida.
Favorite article: “Two Deaths and a Parking Lot” (this is the story of grieving the deaths of my parents, the hardest thing I’ve ever written but the most meaningful).
Tatyana Claytor
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