Meet Our New Writers!

We’ve been hugely blessed this year already by inviting three new writers to join our staff of monthly contributors. It’s not only a monthly writing commitment but a communal one. We want The Mudroom to be a family, writers and readers included.

When we ask a woman to write for us we are asking her to bring her full and beautiful self to an audience where she will share the abundance of her heart. We pull you, the readers, into that community as well. We entrust you with these souls, believing that you in turn will invest in us. 

We thank you for the time you have given us through reading, commenting, submitting, and sharing.

Enter in. You’ll find good company.

We’ll give you a more in-depth introduction to each of these writers throughout the month.

Please Welcome:


Tatyana Claytor


Tatyana Claytor is a mom, teacher, blogger, and historical England enthusiast who would gladly step back into that past, but only for a day and only as a rich person. She loves open windows for fresh air, open doors for new opportunities, and an open heart to hear from God. 

She writes at Tatyana’s Table: Discovering God in Books, Movies, and Life.


Vina Mogg

Vina Mogg is daughter, mother of four, wife to one for 36 years, and grandma to her grandpuppy Milo. She is in love with God’s creation and loves to paint and watch the sunrise over Mt. Rainer in her homeland of the Pacific Northwest. She is a caregiver and advocate for Alzheimers’, is a member of the Alz Author’s Association, and has an essay about caregiving published in The Wonder Years, 40 Women Over 40 on Aging, Faith, Beauty and Strength, edited by Leslie Leyland Fields. Follow her on her blog


Prasanta Verma

Prasanta Verma was born under an Asian sun, raised in the Appalachian foothills in the Deep South, and currently resides in the upper Midwest. She writes essays and poetry about identity, belonging, culture, and immigration, and exploring the intersection between spirituality and science. You can connect with her on her website

Tammy Perlmutter
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