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I saw a picture on social media the other day,

and it read, “Are we sure 2020 is gone?”

I chuckled, like most, with a sense of sobriety 

especially after the events at the Capitol, 

so we’re all asking, “What is going on?”


We used to go on social media to get a good laugh 

and follow our family and friends to see how they were doing in their lives. 

Now we get on social media to comment and critique, berate and praise,

following the news like a train follows the dress on a bride. 


We bury our heads in social media to get away from real life. 

Hoping the stories in our feeds will feed our fatigue and boredom. 

Scrolling and patrolling has us convinced that we’re controlling our restlessness

when in reality we’re only looking for life in another section. 


We click. We share. We like. We dare to repost what they said. 

How many old friends will I lose? How many new ones will I gain?

Social media has become the litmus test for bravery

because whoever you like and whatever you follow 

will either reward you applause or award you shame. 


How did we get here?

How did we turn over our strengths and weaknesses to proprietary algorithms that can neither explain our past nor determine our future?

It’s because we’re so hungry for community, and so so thirsty for relationship,

we think real life and internet life is a healthy suture. 


so we maneuver through pages

spending what feels like ages of time desperately seeking to find hope in screen time computations. 

“Not this platform, maybe that platform – if not now, 

I’ll check later because one of these has to bring me gratification.”


All the while, our throats stay parched and our bellies run empty

because what we seek to find is gone after the next news feed. 

And that’s because the answer to our fatigue, and the answer to our restlessness

Is found in the One whose story cannot be censored or blocked 

because He is the News Feed. 


Come! Come follow a story that needs no refreshing, 

no updates, and its TRUTH isn’t dependent upon likes, hearts, follows, and reposts. 

The message is intrinsically worth following because it is intrinsically worth sharing

And out of all the stories, this ONE has been shared the most. 


There has never been a message reproduced in so many languages, 

never a story shared so worldwide,

never one so popular, never one so revered, 

never one that has withstood the test of time. 


This story still drops jaws, still leaves mouths gaped open, 

and still leaves minds shocked at what’s embedded in the News Feed:

Healing can come to the afflicted, broken hearts can be made whole, 

And captives of any kind can be set free.


All who mourn can find comfort.

All who are weary can find rest for their souls. 

There is strength and peace for the heavy-hearted. 

Bliss is available for years of tears

And there is beauty for all of the ashes and woes. 


Loneliness is replaced with families

And the fatherless and the orphans are invited into a home. 

Widows are cared for; justice is restored and the wicked perish. 

This is the News Feed of Him who sits on the throne. 


Wounded hearts find redemption. 

Distressed minds find rest and questions become answered. 

Hopelessness is done away with, 

and the victimized become victors, the defeated become conquerors, 

and the lost are found again. 


This is the News Feed of our Savior; 

This is the Message that will be shared throughout all of eternity. 

Come feed your soul with hope and purpose. 

This is the media that they socialize about in Heaven

because this is the Only one worth sharing. 


Want LIFE?

Speak like the Kingdom and act like the Kingdom

because the News Feed of Heaven is also the news feed of earth.

We are called to participate in His Kingdom come, His will be done

because refreshing comes, not from hitting F5 or scrolling up, but from rebirth.


There is an answer for our restlessness; 

There is HOPE in the midst of rhetoric-driven platforms. 

Feed your spirit, not your followers, and find your hope and peace in the News Feed of Heaven, 

and let the Message strengthen your resolve.


Let Him wash you, cleanse you, and refresh you. 

Let Him fill empty hearts and water-thirsty souls. 

His message promises to cradle the yearning, nurture the weary. 

This is the News Feed we’ve been looking for. Let’s all subscribe to HOPE. 

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