Healing from Depression

When the moon rolls out of the sky

And you are strangled with darkness.


When the trees have lost their leaves

And stand in surrender to winter.


When every word is a suicide note

And your face is dry from crying.


This is when hope arrives

Like a hurricane of joy


It swallows you whole

And from deep within your bones, you find a song


That softens your mind

And gives enough light in your eyes


To see


Katelyn Durst

Our second poet-in-residence, Katelyn Durst, is a community artist, creative activist, teacher and youth worker. She has worked within urban youth development and urban community development for ten years and has taught poetry for six years, recently conducting poetry therapy workshops at a youth psychiatric hospital and Freedom Schools summer programming in a workshop focused on healing from the unjust deaths of youth of color. Katelyn is currently pursuing a master’s in Urban Studies and Community Arts from Eastern University with a focus on trauma-informed art-making to build sustainable and transformative resiliency within urban/inner-city and displaced communities. In her spare time, she dreams of becoming an urban beekeeper.
Katelyn Durst

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