Happy Birthday, Tammy!

To Tammy, our fearless leader—

Today we celebrate your half-century of life, leadership, and faith. The Mudroom door is open because of YOU. We are forever grateful for this messy and beautiful space you’ve made for us!

Happy 50th Birthday—with love, and prayers, and words (always words-SEE BELOW) for MANY MORE!!

Mudroom Writers in order of appearance: Tatyana Claytor, Dorothy Greco, Prasanta Verma, Nichole Woo, Sarah Guererro, Nicole T. Walters, Amanda Tingle Taylor, Chelle Wilson

*Mad props to Amanda Tingle Taylor for creating this video!


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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Tammy!

  1. Some more words: Tammy, I rejoice in your life! I know that at times it has been hard-won. You always open up a space that’s bigger than you and invite people into it. Your heart of hospitality, creativity and above all, sheer love of Jesus, is an inspiration to me. I love the writing you write but more than that, I love the person you are. I have benefitted from your wisdom, compassion and commitment to radical discipleship, and I pray many more years for you. You are a joy, and a gift to the world. Asking for God’s blessing on you, you amazing woman of God. With much love

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