Episode 12: Discovering Soul Rest with Author and Speaker Sharla Fritz

Are you feeling it? The ache for rest that seeps deep into your soul. The one that can’t be satiated by a cat nap, the Calm App on your phone, or even by a weekend of binge-watching your favorite series . . .

If today’s podcast title caught your eye, it’s probably because you’re longing for a rest that transcends the temporary. Author, speaker, and Bible teacher Sharla Fritz reads you loud and clear—and she joins us today for a deep dive into soul rest.



Click here for Sharla Fritz’s “Discovering Soul Rest” Course. 

Click here for Sharla’s website.

Sharla’s recent article at The Mudroom: “Let’s Not Chase the Spotlight.”

“Running to Stand Still” U2: The Joshua Tree

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“The Gifts of Living in Liminal Space with Enneagram Master Teacher Suzanne Stabile.”

“Soul Care and the Transformative Power of Allowing with Enneagram Master Teacher Suzanne Stabile.”

“More Than I Am,” the Mudroom Podcast’s theme song, is provided by recording artist Christa Wells.

 Additional podcast transition music by nikproteus from Pixabay.





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