Another Peek into The Mudroom


We are excited to share this small glimpse into what February holds for you. Here is an excerpt from “The End of Secrets” by Esther Emery.

I have kept my humanness in my secrets. I have made them the sanctuary of my self-worth: the place the critics cannot reach. I have woven my own healing, strand by strand and breath by breath.

I thought of birds, leaving a nest.

Don’t doubt that in my secret spaces I have hidden ugly things. My long history of disordered and obsessive eating, childhood shame, perpetuating self-destructive and addictive tendencies, one particularly unappealing past mistake.

But I have hidden beautiful things, too. The silent shelter of tall trees and light on grasses. The astonishing beauty of survival. Perseverance. The breath of life, rising and falling, against a backdrop of mortality.


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Esther Emery