All Season Breeze: A Creation Poem

Who knew that You were the breeze hiding behind the trees

playing hide n’ seek only to capture me?

Who knew that You taught the eagle how to fly

so I could learn how to soar?

And who knew that You gave the sparrow its song

so I could listen for dialogue between Heaven and earth?

Who knew that You gave the woodpecker its cadence

so I could hear drumbeats from Heaven…drumbeats?

Who knew that every night You watch the sunset and smile

and every morning You watch the sunrise

and it still bring tears to Your eyes

because beauty is a masquerade for Your Glory

so You stre-e-e-e-e-e-etch the sunrays to hide Your face

so we won’t be consumed so soon;

instead You allow us to feel the warmth of Your grace

takin’ it all in day by day

but who knew day by day would sever a branch

and cause the leaves in our hearts to fall

and swallow up so much hurt and pain

and eventually the sun rays we would despise

just from not knowing the Truth from the lies

so now it makes sense to believe a lie

because the Truth is just one more story

so You knew to live with us was extremely mandatory

so You stayed and stayed with us intimately

showing us Your son and how He represented You matter of factly

not giving up on a people group so satisfactorily consumed with nothingness.

So You stayed,

and put a star side by side to show us our relationship with You

and then You bring the moon out every night with the brilliance from the Sunlight

to show us even when it’s dark, You shine

and You remind us of Your precious promise again and again

by the banner of brilliant colors all huddled up over each other in the sky with no end

just like Your Name.

And who knew even after hearing Your Truth

we would still need Your help.

You knew so You stayed

and put Your voice in the mouth of the sparrow,

in the pattern of the buzzing bee,

in the legs of the grasshopper,

in the dancing wings of the hummingbird,

in the quietness of the dew resting atop the blade of a reed of grass,

in the twinkle of each star,

in the heart of each of Your children.

And who knew if we would only acknowledge You like nature does, we would know You.

Who knew?

Anita Scott

Anita Scott

Poet & Perfromer at Anita Scott
Poetry has always been a second language for Anita. She has performed at local slam poetry and spoken word events. Now, the door is opening for her poetry in small groups and on stages around the United States where she has already shared the same mic with Micah Bournes and Amena Brown Owen. Her poems "Mary Go Round" and "Tears for the Motherland" clearly express Anita’s heart for justice regarding gender and racial reconciliation. People who have seen her perform all attest to the same thing: she is unforgettable.

Anita is also part of Ambassadors Alliance International, a passionate team of people who go into impoverished areas to assess their needs and provide help in the form of food, medical supplies, clothing, education, and job-training that will lead to self-sustainable change.
Anita Scott

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